Please find below some patient feedback both directly from the parents and patients and also through Equiniti which is an independent organisation that collects reviews and ratings off Consultants and Doctors.

Patient Feedback

We cannot speak highly enough of Dr Tewary. He saw us at BMI Edgbaston at short notice and from the outset was professional, friendly and understanding of the issues surrounding our 20 month old. Dr Tewary had a great rapport with our son and took the time to listen to our concerns and answered all our Qs. He provided exactly what we wanted, which was a thorough examination, a detailed discussion about the issues that had been raised and a full and considered opinion as to what he believed the outcome to be. His understanding, expertise & calming temperament was exactly what we needed and we left feeling like a huge weight had been lifted after weeks of worry. Dr Tewary really cares and it shows, he comes highly recommended.
Verified Customer
October 2019
We visited Dr Tewary for our daughter’s overall development as she was neither gaining weight nor height and was suspected to be gluten sensitive.He listened to us with utmost patience and took all the family and medical history.He prescribed and advised whatever was needed and referred us to a very good nutritionist.Dr Tewary is very knowledgeable but humble at the same time. He made us feel better and reassured us that things would change for better. We are very thankful to him and feel that our little one is in best hands.
Verified Customer
August 2019
In the past few months our grand-daughter had been both in-patient and out-patient in the children's ward. Prior to her admittance we were desperate that the cause of her illness would ever be investigated, but then, you came in the picture and immediately recognised the need for that investigation. I now wish you to know how very much your efforts have been appreciated and we wish to thank you sincerely for all that you have done.
Mr & Mrs Webb
June 1998
We are writing to show our gratitude to staff at Lyndon Ground for the care and attention you gave to our son when he was brought into hospital in April, 2005. We particularly would like to thank Dr K Tewary, words can not express our appreciation to him. When our son was brought into the hospital Doctor Tewary gave us hope with his initial quick responsive care and attention and we feel that if it was not for his thorough diagnosis our son might not have been with us today. Doctor Tewary has also showed great interest in his recovery.
Mr & Mrs Cheetham
August 2005
My son is still under Paediatrician. We requested if he could be under Dr Tewary again for being so vigilant, understanding, kind and patient with us. I would like to thank him.
Mrs Hanson
February 2006
My daughter has been suffering with Enuresis for some time and Dr Tewary has been amazing from the outset. I can't recommend someone as highly as him.
Mrs Sherie
January 2018
Our daughter was treated by Dr Tewary at Spire Parkway. We are extremely grateful for his superb care; he was able to diagnose something that had been missed by other doctors. Dr Tewary also provided excellent aftercare, support and advice which was invaluable to us. He is also very personable and caring in his approach. We can't recommend Dr Tewary highly enough!
January 2019
Dr Tewary has proved to be an excellent Paediatrician. I have had several patients that he has seen with airway and breathing problems who have significantly benefited after seeing Dr Tewary. From a professional perspective he always shows great communication with both patients and colleagues. I always get feedback from him regarding patients.
Mrs Amit Parmar
May 2019


Independent Patient Feedback Analysis

Questions that were put to the patients in the above report:

  1. Was the doctor polite and considerate?
  2. Did the doctor listen to what you had to say?
  3. Did the doctor give you enough opportunity to ask questions?
  4. Did the doctor answer all your questions?
  5. Did the doctor explain things in a way you could understand?
  6. Are you involved as much as you want to be in the decisions about your care and treatment?
  7. Did you have confidence in the doctor?
  8. Did the doctor respect your views?
  9. If the doctor examined you, did he or she ask your permission?
  10. If the doctor examined you, did he or she respect your privacy and dignity?
  11. By the end of the consultation did you feel better able to understand and/or manage your condition and your care?
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