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How can Dr Tewary Help?

Birmingham and the West Midlands

How can Dr Tewary Help?

Now that you are considering private consultation, you want the best possible care for your child.

Having worked at senior positions in India and the UK, Dr Teway has developed expertise in advanced and tropical diseases. Being multi-lingual and aware of varied cultures, he is also able to help patients from all ethnic groups.

He has been a children’s doctor for over 30 years, they are his first priority. He treats them in a child friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Dr Tewary uses his extensive experience to deal with all aspects of a child health. He can also discuss parent’s anxieties at length which may be difficult in a busy NHS setting.

He gives the highest importance to parents/patients’ anxieties. He believes that none of your questions are irrelevant or can be ignored and need to be answered to your full understanding. He will always listen to your concerns, appropriately examine your child and together he will come up with an agreed plan. It is of paramount importance to him that you feel comfortable with the diagnosis and agreed approach.

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