Factors to prevent UTI (Urinary tract infection):

Liquid Intake

It’s always advisable to take between 6-8 glasses of plain liquid at least every day. A good liquid intake replenishes the circulation and flushes the kidneys and bladder to prevent collection of waste and toxic products/germs

Bladder habit:

A regular bladder habit ie voiding every 2-4 hours is recommended to prevent growth of unfriendly germs. Yung children often have a tendency to hold urine, especially at school. This not only affects the bladder tonicity, but also promotes growth of unhealthy germs in the bladder in the stagnant urine hold in bladder, and hence infection. UTI being an ascending infection can often migrate to upper tract ie kidneys.

Bowel Habit-

A constipated bowel (Rectum/colon) can affect the emptying of bladder and also irritate the bladder musculature. This causes incomplete emptying and residual urine in bladder and also irritability of bladder muscles. Residual urine can promote growth of unfriendly germs and infection.

It is recommended to have a regular bowel habit, ie opening bowels every day as possible, and the stool consistency should be soft. A regular liquid intake, good intake of fruits and fibre, and regular exercise/physical activity helps to keep the bowel movements regulated, sometimes a laxative may be needed on doctor’s advice.


A regular cleaning of genital area is very important to keep the area germ free. The urinary passage is quite close to anal area in girls and an improper cleaning can promote the growth of germs from gut to migrate to bladder and cause urinary infection. A front to back wiping and daily/regular shower/bath helps in keeping the area clean.

Non-pharmacological agents-

There is a variable evidence. However often a use of live yogurt or lactobacillus/probiotic drinks may help prevention of infection by prompting growth of friendly bacteria in gut and colon. There are other agents tried such as Cranberry juice, and again the response is very variable.